At Havelock North High School

At HNHS we acknowledge the trend in leadership away from the authoritative model to one which recognises that all students have developing leadership qualities.

At Havelock North High School, we acknowledge the trend away from an authoritative model of student leadership to one which recognises that all students have developing leadership qualities.  We also believe that school is a place where every student should have the opportunity to develop their leadership capacity.  Our vertical form class and house structure supports students to develop a strong sense of citizenship and to demonstrate leadership amongst their peers.  This extends to the many leadership positions that exist within the extensive extra-curricular programme that is on offer to every student. 

Instead of a small group of autonomous prefects, our Year 13 leadership model includes Head Students, House Leaders, and ten Year 13 Committees.  Through these roles, every Year 13 student has the opportunity to shape the culture of Havelock North High School and develop as a young leader.


Joel Wilton


Head Students 2023

Head Girl

Sofia Lumbreras

Head Boy

Louie Reid

Board of Trustees Student Representative

Elena Kim


Year 13 House Leaders

Tainui House Leaders

Sophie Waitoa,

Jacob Earley,

Taidgh McMahon (Deputy),

Lily Groom (Deputy).

Rata House Leaders

Millie Hartridge,

Reuben Ash (Deputy),

Oscar Wilton,

Lana Chrystall (Deputy).

Kauri House Leaders

Lucy Smith (Deputy),

Will Knight (Deputy),

Charlie de Groot,

Bonnie Maidens.

Miro House Leaders

Maddy Swa,

Zaiphair Le Bon,

Caleb Belcher (Deputy),

Alesha Carey-Smith(Deputy).

Year 13 Committee Leaders

Academic Committee

Tapas Kant &

Lily Groom

Community Services Committee

Madeline Yorke &

George Hodgetts 

Cultural Committee

Jasmine Macdonald &

Joe Clinton

Environmental Committee

Savannah Craig &

Alaura Ritchie

Hauora Committee

Eden Read-Butcher &

Summer Glassey

International Committee

Lily French &

Emma McLagan

SADD Committee

Oliver Fullerton &

Chloe Rodgers

School Services Committee

Hannah Jones &

Kennedy Molloy

Sports Committee

Isabella Turei &

Edward West

Taiohi Tū Committee

Will Knight &

​​​​​​​Sophie Waitoa

Year 9 and 10 Diploma

Year 9 and 10 students work towards the Year 9 and 10 Diploma throughout their first two years at Havelock North High School.  The diplomas encourage students to be well-rounded and to make the most of every opportunity on offer at the school.  Students interested in developing their leadership capacity are encouraged to strive towards achieving a full diploma in their junior years.

The six arms that students work towards are:

  • Personal Organisation
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Sporting Involvement
  • Cultural Involvement
  • Form Class and Community Involvement
  • House Support

The diploma is personalised and reflects the number of areas in which each student has reached the required standard.