Havelock North High School Year 9 Scholarships

The Havelock North High School Board invites you to apply for one of our Year 9 scholarships for 2024.

We are looking to recognise up to 20 incoming pupils who are already putting our school motto, “Aim toExcel”, into effect. As a school, we take pride in a culture that promotes academic, cultural and sporting excellence and which also aims at developing citizenship and leadership in our young people. We invite applications for the following scholarships:

Academic Scholarship of $500. These will be awarded to pupils who can provide evidence of exceptional academic ability.

All-Rounder Scholarship of $500. These will be awarded to pupils who can provide evidence of excellence across two or more fields of endeavour.

  •   academic
  •   sporting 
  •   cultural 
  •   leadership

Leadership Scholarship of $500. These will be awarded to pupils in recognition of the leadership they have demonstrated whilst attending intermediate school.

Each of the scholarship winners will be selected on this basis: 

Applications for 2024 will close on Friday, 9th June.

Applicants should expect to hear the result of the selection process by Friday, 23rd June.

Successful applicants must notify the school of their acceptance of the scholarship by Friday, 30th June.

The scholarships will be in the form of a single payment into an account held at the school from which pupils/families may draw to pay any school-related costs. Uniforms, sports gear, sports subscriptions, subject fees, school trips, music tuition etc. are all appropriate uses of the money. The balance will be held in a reserve account until it is all spent. It is not a requirement that all money be spent in the first year.

How to Apply

To apply for a Havelock North High School Scholarship, you need to provide the following:

1.  A scholarship application form

2. A one-page letter, in your own handwriting, introducing yourself to Havelock North High School. This should describe:
● who you are.
● some ‘public’ information on your family.
● which schools you have attended.
● what you most enjoy doing, both in and out of school.
● what you would like to do at high school.
● what career(s) you are considering

3.  A copy of your 2022 end-of-year school report.

4. Your completed HNHS enrolment card.

Key Dates

Friday 9th June - Lodge applications and CV with the school by 3.30 pm
Friday 23rd June - Letters advising of results sent to applicants
Friday 30th June - Acceptance letters due to school

Please do not ask your current principal or teacher for a new testimonial.