Student Support

Students' personal and social needs are met by our effective guidance and counselling system, through which we ensure that all students are individually assisted and supported to make the most of the opportunities offered at school. We go to considerable effort to give each student every chance to succeed.

A vibrant house and vertical form system provide students with a home base and sense of belonging in a busy school. Form Tutors and House Tutors are responsible for the welfare of the students in their care and they maintain a close liaison with home.

Regular reports are sent home to parents and parent-teacher consultation evenings are held throughout the year.  We welcome and encourage parents to contact us about their child's schooling.

Guidance Network​​​​​​​

Members of the Guidance Network are the deputy principals, Mr Joel Wilton and Miss Glenys Sparling-Fenton, the guidance counsellor, Ms Gaye Evans-Love, and house tutors: Mrs Emily Cargill (Kauri), Mrs Chloe Nowell-Usticke (Miro), Mrs Carla Millar (Rata) and Mr James Lloyd (Tainui).